• June 2021
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Big Brother 8: Not me, not this time. Pt.2

Another deviation from Community Media, just for another second…..

I turn my back for a minute and see what happens!

This is a transcript of the conversation between Emily, Charley and Nicky that led to Emily’s departure from the house in the midst of another race row for the show.

EMILY: (referring to Charley dancing/pushing her hips forward) You pushing it out, you n****r.

NICKY: (shocked laughter) Erm, I can’t believe you said that.

CHARLEY: You are in trouble.

EMILY: Don’t make a big thing out of it then. I was joking.

CHARLEY: I know you were… but that’s some serious s**t, sorry.


CHARLEY: Oh, my God. I’m not even saying it.

NICKY: Just don’t talk about it.

EMILY: I was joking.

CHARLEY: Do you know how many viewers would watch that?

NICKY: Okay, don’t make a big deal out of it.

CHARLEY: Fancy you saying that. I can’t believe you said that.

EMILY: Somebody has already used that word in this house.CHARLEY: No way. (Pause) Yeah, me. I’m a n****r.

NICKY laughs.

CHARLEY: I am one. Fancy you saying it. I know maybe you see it in a rap song. Maybe you and your friends sit there saying it.

EMILY: I’m friendly with plenty of black people.

NICKY: You call them n****rs?

EMILY: Yeah and they call me n****rs. They call me wiggers as well.

NICKY: I’m quite shocked.

CHARLEY: I’m in shock.EMILY: It’s not a big deal though, is it?

CHARLEY: Not for us it ain’t.


Shawn’s note: Just to clarify, even if you don’t think it’s a big deal, it is for us. Ignorwe the ignorant rappers! The n-word is not a term of affection so don’t use it! It isn’t funny.


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