• July 2008
    M T W T F S S

Academic Blogging Workshop

In the morning I’m giving a working about my experiences of academic blogging at UWE.

I’ve found, since I started a blog in 2006, that even though I haven’t kept it up religiously, on the whole it has been useful.

In part an on-line note book, and in other ways a place to journalistically (or scholarly) respond to current events, a blog forces you to have an opinion, and to put your head above the parapet to stand by your convictions.

Things to remember to mention;

– Anon or not?

– Dynamic media note book

– Lateral references to core subject (can be looser than core research question)

– Personal archive of ideas and references

– The ‘cultural practice’ of blogging (discipline & confidence)

– Confidence to “publicly” play with ideas

– Precious with sharing data observations (danger of….??)

– research content to research process to field of interest ((((and possibly to personal day to day stuff?? – it’s ALL connected to YOU!!))))

– To be worried, or not be worried about “audience”. (About if any audience at all, and if that should affect style of writing!!)

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