• June 2007
    M T W T F S S

Big Brother: Series 8. Not me, not this time!

A deviation from Communiyu Media, just for a second…..

For 8 years it had me, hook, line and sinker, but not this time. Since the first series I’ve said “not this year”, and I still end up hooked. Like Zammo, though smacked on the nose by addictive reality tv, not heroin. Much the same thing I guess.


My downfall every year is that my curiosity usually makes me watch the “characters” (as they’re are now called, not just people!) enter the house. From that moment I just kiss the rest of my weeks goodbye. Whether the civilian series, celebs or teenagers, I’ve been there witnessing all. After last year’s civilian series with that prat Anthony winning I said “never again”. But along came the celebs with Jermaine Jackson so of course I had to watch that. (Don’t you think that Jermaine is what Michael could have become if he hadn’t gone off the rails of sanity. Such a shame!!) After the “race row” car crash of that series, sure enough I said “never again!” But I meant it this time.

It’s quite refreshing to stumble over Big Brother conversations on tv, radio or by the (mythical) water cooler and not have the faintest idea who they are talking about. I know there are loads of females and one boy band look-a-like guy in there. And a WI woman and an activist type, and a pair of twins, but these tit-bits have been picked up along the ways, There’s no harm in that. I also know there’s various guitar bands out in the world called Razorlight, Muse, Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand and a few others, but I couldn’t pick any of them out in a crowd – sonically or visually. Just the stuff of life, in the mix with the things I’m actually more interested in.

So, what am I doing with all my Big Brother free time?

Yep, writing blogs about Big Brother.

Surely there’s more to life than this?

A water cooler, yesterday.

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